Our dinner meal plan


Made it to day 12 on the #21DSD so our following meal plans is for 2 weeks (less thinking the following week) So I work now and don’t have to do it every week and saves me time and works better that way!

So for the 14 day meal plan below the first 7 days are #21DSD friendly (level 1) as hubby and I are still following it till the 21 days. We’re still going strong and have yet to have a drop of sugar!! Crazy how motivated we are. As it’s been such a short time yet we’ve seen such positives about this program that it actually works!

For each meal that I post I will paste the link beside it. Please note if there are any natural sugars in the first 7 recipes I do omit it just because it’s not aloud in the 21DSD plan. I’m starting with baby steps to feed our kids this way to. I have one boy oldest who has embraced the shepherds pie (cauliflower on top) the little guy not so much a fan but he will be introduced to it again in do time he will like it over the mashed potatoes.

There are some of our favorites that we enjoyed over the past 12 days and they will for sure be rotated on the following meal plans that worked great for us. And we found BREAD I’ll post the bread recipe that I made . It was nice to have a tuna sandwich for lunch rather then wrap it up in lettuce. If you’d some lunch suggestions just comment below and I’ll post a few.

**A LOT OF EGGS in these recipes just to give you a heads up buy yourself a HEN (lol) support local farmers and buy your eggs**

Here we go!

12 Days of Meal Planning for Dinner time!

Monday: Bacon vegetable quiche ~ Day 15
Tuesday: Cilantro and Lime Shrimp with Broccoli Salad ~ Day 16
Wednesday: Pizza *My boys loved this!* ~ Day 17
Thursday: Shepard’s pie ~ Day 18
Friday: Carrot ginger soup  ~ Day 19
Saturday: Lemon buttered cod ~ Day 20
Sunday: Clam Chowder ~ Day 21
Monday: steak with asparagus wrapped in prosciutto *no recipe* it’s simple as it sounds! We’re done #21DSD
Tuesday: Meatloaf with avocado salad
Wednesday: Eggplant pizza with spicy green beans (for the bolognese sauce I use the homemade pizza sauce from the pizza recipe)
Thursday: Cobb salad
Friday: Shrimp Scampi
Saturday: Honey apple pork loin with side veggies
Sunday: Buffalo Chicken Alfredo with sweet potatoes

here is the bread recipe I doubled it as my loaf pan is bigger.

enjoy and eat clean


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