I miss you!

Yesterday would have been my Fathers birthday. He had past away 10 years ago. October 2015 will make it 11 years. I miss him so much.

I have been with my husband 10 years this May and married 8 years this October. I truly believe my Dad sent him my way. Knowing he’d be the man for me. I miss him on days where I need insight of a mans perspective. I miss him when I’d like something fixed quick. I miss him for all the big things he has missed. The birth of his grandchildren, My wedding, our Father daughter dance. All the birthday parties past, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, all the little things that make me think of him.

Today I am taking a drive out the the graveyard to say hello. What breaks my heart is my Mom. I really know the meaning of missing someone when they are gone. Gone forever. I just wanted to pay respect to a man who battled a fast fight. He was diagnosed with cancer and 3 months after he was diagnosed he passed. It was hard to see but at the same time was a life experience I learned from. Truly opened my eyes to never fear the end.



Staying committed is hard!

Staying committed is hard. I failed last week to submit 3 blog post. My intentions where to write about Friday night is our family movie night. I was also going to write about a fun birthday party. So instead I will talk about my wonderful weekend with the kids!

Some of you may know my husband is a shift worker so sometimes he works during the night and sometimes he works on weekends. Sometimes it’s a struggle and I wish I had 10 arms when he is not here. Just because this past weekend was one of them weekends for us.

Friday night is usually “Family Movie Night” or “Family Board Game Night”. This past Friday was Movie night. We watched Big Hero 6. I worked Friday during the day so I had a nice spaghetti sauce cooking in the life saver crock pot. recipe here. We had friends over to join us. Another mom and her son. As I was solo with the three kids. Hubby was working all weekend. We had a fun night. My youngest son fell asleep but that’s always the case. He only stays awake for the popcorn the falls asleep with a half eaten bowl of popcorn.

On Saturday morning they woke me up for 6am. They where ready for hockey. I was a sleepy Mommy. I said “no boys, no hockey until 2:30 this afternoon. Please go back to bed. Nope they where ready and up and at em! So I woke up made pancakes for breakfast and started the day. My peach of a daughter likes to sleep in till 8am so that works for me. I’m able to get a few loads of laundry done before it’s her turn for breakfast.

Not sure if any of you had this issues or have with any of your children. My oldest son’s adult teeth are growing in his mouth before his baby teeth fall out. He has already had one pulled out because the baby tooth was not moving. To make space for the adult tooth to come into it’s spot. It did nicely. So Saturday morning after all our shenanigans, my son complained his tooth hurt. I knew the same thing was happening just on the other side. I looked and his gums where inflamed. So I took him to the dentist making him miss his 2:30 hockey game. My hubby took our other son to hockey with our daughter. Keep in mind he has to work again. So I took our son into town to get his tooth pulled. (poor little guy) I rush back home. When I get home hubby is out the door to go to work. I get dinner made ready we all calm from a crazy busy day. My Mom decides to have a little visit with us. It was nice having a helping had at this point because I was trying to get organized for our day on Sunday, and get things ready for the week. Let alone who has time for a blog? Ekkk especially when I’m solo with the 3 kids. I don’t have time to sit.

Sunday rolls around breakfast is served. The boys have a birhtday party to go to. I don’t feel it was appropriate to bring my 1.5 year old daughter with me so I dropped her off at my Moms. Went to the birthday party went back to my Mom’s after the birthday party was over ate dinner at her place. When we got home I showered both boys, put my daughter to bed. Read the boys books put them to bed. When I looked at the time it was 8pm. I was ready for bed and called it a night. I do love my weekends but I also look forward to weekdays when the boys are in school. It’s a calm I like. I can breath a little easier. Good note my hubby is off work for a few days. I maybe seen him a whole 6 hours this weekend. That’s what make my heart grow fonder. (ha)

Enjoy your Monday! Staying committed is hard! But I am committed to my FAMILY 1st and foremost!  Blog 1 of 3 this week! I got this!

Family First!

My boys at the Princess Birthday Party ❤

Oh Monday!

Today I have stuff to do! I get a blog post up (CHECK) 2 do a quick 20min work out (next on my list! But first eat breakfast! Has anyone fallen off the wagon? Did you make a New Years resolution? Are you still going strong or have you fell off track and said never mind. Ok I admit I missed one of my blog post last week by one! But guess what? I’m here and I vow to do 3 this week. See I have 1 down and 2 to go!! yahoo me!

So my goals that I set for myself in January are to work out 3’x a week, so I signed up for dance class with my 16 month old daughter so that makes 1 (automatically) and I usually clean 1 or 2 houses a week so that puts in another good work out. And I usually followup with 1 at home making that 3 workouts a week. So my goals are complete and I force myself to stick to it. 21 days’ to create a habit. We are day 19. So 2 more days will make it a habit. So far it’s going great with 1 slip up. I am back on track. It’s ok to fall off but always remember to jump back on and get on track! Who said goals are easy?! They are easy once they are habit.

Oh a little plug for Paddington Bear! I loved that movie. I took my 6 year old to see the movie with me on Friday and we both fell in love with this movie! A must see.

Also the hockey game on Sunday was fantastic!! Here are a few photos from the game. I love watching my boys play. So much fun! Both my boys are on the same team #4 and #8 🙂

hockey2 hockey3 hockey4 hockey5 hockey6

Our first dance class Salsa Tots!

So today was my first dance class with little Miss C. She loved every minute of it. In my last blog post I made a comment how we were a very active dancing house. I always have the music going. Pause (while I put some music on)

I did not get to take any photos yet but I will. As today was the first official class and now I see the structure it will be easier to take photos in the next few classes that we attend.

Here is the program that I joined. Salsa Tots (Latin groove for kids on the move) for 1 hour
Music songs that we listen to are:

1. Hola
2. Salsa Tots Cheer
3. The Flamenco Flamingo
4. Salsa Baby on Board
5. Follow Me
6. La Cucaracha
7. Latin Limbo
8. Conga Line
9. If You’re Happy and You Know it
10. The Mexican Hat Dance
11. Besitos y Abrazos
12. La Bamba
13. Shake it, Baby!
14. The Siesta Song

If your located in the Ottawa, Ontario area there are a few locations for you to check out (Orleans, Greenboro, Glebe, Westboro, Barrhaven and Kanata. Check out the website for more info Dancing Mama there is still room at the Orleans location if you want to join. So much fun!!!

Sign off Dancing with my Kids!!! Wooohhhhhooooo!! A Salsa Tot!!

Almost failed!

Almost failed my 3 bolg post this week.

My goal for 2015! 3 blog post per week and 3 work outs per week. I got 2 workouts this week and Friday I am doing another work out. I signed up with my daughter who is 16 months old. I joined Mamma Dance it’s a class that gets you interactive dancing with your child. My little girl loves to dance! Who really likes to dance? We do!! I always call our house the dancing house. When making dinner I always have music playing. Right now writing this blog post I have music playing so yah music makes us a dancing house. Someone is always dancing.

So this is my 1st blog post this week. I have two more to post! I’ll post photos of tomorrows class (gives me something to share) and I’ll post something on Saturday) My boys have a hockey game and I am proud to say my oldest did get his first goal! Proud Hockey Mom! My life is busy with kids, routine, homework, dinners, lunches, working (cleaning houses), laundry the list goes on. If your a stay at home mom or a work out of house mom you know all the special tasks that are required. Just never ends! But I made a promise to myself to keep going forward! And focus on my goals and tasks. I know my blog post are boring I get it. But if you don’t like them then just don’t read it! I once heard someone say “We are good at writing our thoughts, and we get followers, but we are bad at commenting or committing to be a fan of a follower” . Each day I will go through the blog post I follow, and I will give a star to each of my followers just because! It shows you appreciative of the time they took out of their day to give you a little bit of them! Their thoughts on something that is dear to them.

I leave you on this note! “You must not be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling.” ~ Kirsten Kuehn


Pay it Forward!

Pay it forward was also one of my GOALS in 2015! I thought I’d share something that I am doing on a social media platform Facebook.

This is what I’m doing! Have fun! Let me know if you will be doing this! I have 5 Friends who already commented “I’m In”

Let’s spread some much needed LOVE in this world we live in today!

Let’s do this … thought this was a great idea! (Please note I did not come up with this concept) I just seen it on one of my Friends facebook page and started to spread the love and pay it forward also.

After all the recent terrible tragedies that have happened and are still happening, this world needs as much kindness as it can get. I’m participating in this ‘Pay it Forward’ initiative: The first five people who comment on this status with “I’m in” will receive a surprise from me at some point during the next year (2015) – anything from a book, a ticket, a homemade treat, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy. These five people must make the same offer on their Facebook status. Please copy and paste this message and put it on your status (don’t share it) so that we can form a web of connections of kindness. Let’s do more nice and loving things in 2015 without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other. Here’s to a more enjoyable, friendly, and love-filled year!


Meal planning on a price matching budget.

I don’t know about you, but I meal plan. Sure it’s a pain but I know it has saved us money in the long run. We also waste less food because we only buy what is needed. I started meal planning around 2 years ago. With the tools out there today it’s so easy to sit down and take 15 to 20 minutes that is needed. Well maybe if your not new at it. I use the old fashioned paper and pencil and write down my list and go from there. Nothing fancy for me. I have the flyers out too. Why? To see what’s on sale and what I can price match!

I use Pinterest. Feel free to follow me. I have special boards like Paleo foods, Gluten Free foods, 21DSD foods and I quite sugar boards. All with recipes I have given a thumbs up to. I don’t post anything on there that I have not tried as fear of passing it on to someone who may dislike the recipe. Sure you may dislike it as much as the next person but for me they work. I’ve pined some recipes and have unpinned them due to my own personal dislike after making the recipe. Feel free to give me any feedback if you have found a recipe that you made and liked or disliked. Either way to each there own I say. *shrugs*

So when I do my meal plans they are for 2 weeks. My family budget for 5 people (3 kids under 6 & 2 adults) is $200.00 every 2 weeks and $300.00 every 6 weeks. The $300.00 is our bulk (ie: MEATS) we buy at Costco. the $400.00 a month is fruits, vegetables and other food that is required like bread, milk cheese. I am  not 100% PALEO. I do eat dairy and follow a paleo and gluten free lifestyle diet.

I’ll share my two weeks with you and most of the recipes can be found on my personal pinterest site, under the boards mentioned above. Feel free to comment below if you have issues locating the recipe. Also I love trying new meals so if you have any yummy ones feel free to pass along. I love to cook.

Depending on when we last did groceries is when our meal plan starts. So for this 2 week meal plan it starts on a Monday.
This is what we plan on eating for the next two weeks. We are pretty good at going in order sometimes we will switch it up depending if something takes a bit longer to make and we where out busy that day I can pull something fast and easier to make but that’s the list we stick to.

M: Teriyaki Chicken with Rice
T: Tuna Casserole
W: Clam Chowder
T: Gluten free pasta chicken & sun-dried tomato sauce
F: Chicken wings with french fries (sweet potato)
S: Stake with green beans and baked potato (sweet potato)
S: Quiche with avocado salad
M: Pizza
T: Hot dogs and french fries
W: Lasagna
T: Meatloaf with curry rice salad
F: honey balsamic chicken with sweet potato
S: cabbage & sausage stew
S: gluten free pasta Mac & hamburger (I call it Mac Madness)

How are your new years resolutions going (or goals) Mine are going good. I worked out 2x’s this wee so far have one more to go and then I already did 3 blog entries this week! Yah me for staying on top of my goals and achieving them! With time I will get better and not so boring with my blogs!! Right now I’m doing what is my best. That’s just getting it down and doing it.