Happy New Year!! 2015

Let's bring it 2015!

Let’s bring it 2015!

I always start off on the right foot and end off on the left with something else and don’t really get to caught up in my every day words.

My RESOLUTION for 2015 is to write 3x’s per week share my fitness goals and perhaps hare some food because everyone knows I love to eat!! 2014 came and went with a few bumps in the road. We lost my Grandmother in February of 2014 and it felt like it was one thing or another why I did not keep up with my post or at that point could care less.

I was thankful however that I did stick to the #21DSD I actually detoxed 3x’s last year. My eating habits have changed in 2014. I tend to follow a paleo, gluten free and sugar free diet. I started 2014 at 185 lbs with a then ( 6 month old baby girl) now she is 16 months (CRAZY how time flys) so I went from 185 lbs to 159 lbs in 1 year I say that’s a kick as goal. Now my new goal to achieve this coming year will be to write my blog post, be physically active 3x’s a week and keep on the right track and not year off on the left foot.

Till then stay safe have fun and enjoy 2015!  Day 1 of 3 write ups! WEEK 1 *GOAL* I got this!!


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