reflection of 2014 resolution!

So if your just starting to follow me last year my new years resolution was to eat right. By eating right to me that was cutting out refined sugars, eating gluten free and adding a paleo diet. I am not 100% paleo and I do eat gluten free foods and am 99.9% off refined sugars. We all know there are refined sugars in almost 99.9% of things. I for the most part make things from scratch. I follow yummy recipes and take a basic recipe and flair it up with my own special ingredient.

Today I’m trying a recipe that I found online it’s called Detox Cauliflower soup. Detox you ask? Well I along with my kids and husband have been eating or indulging in foods that we do not eat. I personally feel the effects on my body. I just feel icky for a lack of a better word.

I found the recipe here Revivelife Clinic. Let’s see how this turns out!

So it turned out. If you can past the first smells. My thoughts where it did smell like a barn yard. I was scared it was going to taste the same way. However thankfully proved me wrong. It has a nice kick of heat I take it the ginger infused that. I did not get a photo of the final however I did take a photo during the making of the soup.

Cauliflower soup

would I make it again? Sure maybe every 3 months or so. Would not be a my 2 to 4 week meal plan as the kids gave it a thumbs down. It would be a quick easy go to meal on a cold winter day! And when your over loaded with meat and just want a little breather then why not!

So I am on a roll. I got 2 blog post finished for this week. I did say 3x’s a week and I also got one at home workout in and that’s the 1st of 3x’s a week. I found a great starter workout If you would like the links they are here and here I’m just starting out my “routine” so these 2 ladies I found to be best that work for what my personal goals will be for 2015!

So my reflection for 2014 I have my diet eating habits accomplished. I’m starting my 2015 on the right foot! Happy Saturday everyone!! See you all in a few days!!


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