Staying committed is hard!

Staying committed is hard. I failed last week to submit 3 blog post. My intentions where to write about Friday night is our family movie night. I was also going to write about a fun birthday party. So instead I will talk about my wonderful weekend with the kids!

Some of you may know my husband is a shift worker so sometimes he works during the night and sometimes he works on weekends. Sometimes it’s a struggle and I wish I had 10 arms when he is not here. Just because this past weekend was one of them weekends for us.

Friday night is usually “Family Movie Night” or “Family Board Game Night”. This past Friday was Movie night. We watched Big Hero 6. I worked Friday during the day so I had a nice spaghetti sauce cooking in the life saver crock pot. recipe here. We had friends over to join us. Another mom and her son. As I was solo with the three kids. Hubby was working all weekend. We had a fun night. My youngest son fell asleep but that’s always the case. He only stays awake for the popcorn the falls asleep with a half eaten bowl of popcorn.

On Saturday morning they woke me up for 6am. They where ready for hockey. I was a sleepy Mommy. I said “no boys, no hockey until 2:30 this afternoon. Please go back to bed. Nope they where ready and up and at em! So I woke up made pancakes for breakfast and started the day. My peach of a daughter likes to sleep in till 8am so that works for me. I’m able to get a few loads of laundry done before it’s her turn for breakfast.

Not sure if any of you had this issues or have with any of your children. My oldest son’s adult teeth are growing in his mouth before his baby teeth fall out. He has already had one pulled out because the baby tooth was not moving. To make space for the adult tooth to come into it’s spot. It did nicely. So Saturday morning after all our shenanigans, my son complained his tooth hurt. I knew the same thing was happening just on the other side. I looked and his gums where inflamed. So I took him to the dentist making him miss his 2:30 hockey game. My hubby took our other son to hockey with our daughter. Keep in mind he has to work again. So I took our son into town to get his tooth pulled. (poor little guy) I rush back home. When I get home hubby is out the door to go to work. I get dinner made ready we all calm from a crazy busy day. My Mom decides to have a little visit with us. It was nice having a helping had at this point because I was trying to get organized for our day on Sunday, and get things ready for the week. Let alone who has time for a blog? Ekkk especially when I’m solo with the 3 kids. I don’t have time to sit.

Sunday rolls around breakfast is served. The boys have a birhtday party to go to. I don’t feel it was appropriate to bring my 1.5 year old daughter with me so I dropped her off at my Moms. Went to the birthday party went back to my Mom’s after the birthday party was over ate dinner at her place. When we got home I showered both boys, put my daughter to bed. Read the boys books put them to bed. When I looked at the time it was 8pm. I was ready for bed and called it a night. I do love my weekends but I also look forward to weekdays when the boys are in school. It’s a calm I like. I can breath a little easier. Good note my hubby is off work for a few days. I maybe seen him a whole 6 hours this weekend. That’s what make my heart grow fonder. (ha)

Enjoy your Monday! Staying committed is hard! But I am committed to my FAMILY 1st and foremost!  Blog 1 of 3 this week! I got this!

Family First!

My boys at the Princess Birthday Party ❤


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