Look I’m back!

I’m back!! Don’t fall off that chair!!

I signed up for a 60 Day fitness challenge and my first day is TODAY April 4th!!

~~ My accountability is my journal~~ So I’m using this as my platform to share with other ladies who want to be their best self. Health is important to me. I got off track with my eating but can and will bounce back to a no refined sugars, no gluten & no carbs or processed food pattern. I like to follow a gluten free, paleo diet!!

Day 1 Meal

~ Easy overnight oats
~Tuna lettuce wraps with avocado
~ Chicken wings & beet salad
my go to snack will be banana & almond butter

with that I have already drank 8 glasses of water and nothing else not even coffee!

Tonight is my assessment (Weigh in & measurements)

My goal in the 60 days is 20 lbs .. If I can  add an extra 5 that would be perfect!! LOL

See you on the flip side!!




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