Meal planning on a price matching budget.

I don’t know about you, but I meal plan. Sure it’s a pain but I know it has saved us money in the long run. We also waste less food because we only buy what is needed. I started meal planning around 2 years ago. With the tools out there today it’s so easy to sit down and take 15 to 20 minutes that is needed. Well maybe if your not new at it. I use the old fashioned paper and pencil and write down my list and go from there. Nothing fancy for me. I have the flyers out too. Why? To see what’s on sale and what I can price match!

I use Pinterest. Feel free to follow me. I have special boards like Paleo foods, Gluten Free foods, 21DSD foods and I quite sugar boards. All with recipes I have given a thumbs up to. I don’t post anything on there that I have not tried as fear of passing it on to someone who may dislike the recipe. Sure you may dislike it as much as the next person but for me they work. I’ve pined some recipes and have unpinned them due to my own personal dislike after making the recipe. Feel free to give me any feedback if you have found a recipe that you made and liked or disliked. Either way to each there own I say. *shrugs*

So when I do my meal plans they are for 2 weeks. My family budget for 5 people (3 kids under 6 & 2 adults) is $200.00 every 2 weeks and $300.00 every 6 weeks. The $300.00 is our bulk (ie: MEATS) we buy at Costco. the $400.00 a month is fruits, vegetables and other food that is required like bread, milk cheese. I am  not 100% PALEO. I do eat dairy and follow a paleo and gluten free lifestyle diet.

I’ll share my two weeks with you and most of the recipes can be found on my personal pinterest site, under the boards mentioned above. Feel free to comment below if you have issues locating the recipe. Also I love trying new meals so if you have any yummy ones feel free to pass along. I love to cook.

Depending on when we last did groceries is when our meal plan starts. So for this 2 week meal plan it starts on a Monday.
This is what we plan on eating for the next two weeks. We are pretty good at going in order sometimes we will switch it up depending if something takes a bit longer to make and we where out busy that day I can pull something fast and easier to make but that’s the list we stick to.

M: Teriyaki Chicken with Rice
T: Tuna Casserole
W: Clam Chowder
T: Gluten free pasta chicken & sun-dried tomato sauce
F: Chicken wings with french fries (sweet potato)
S: Stake with green beans and baked potato (sweet potato)
S: Quiche with avocado salad
M: Pizza
T: Hot dogs and french fries
W: Lasagna
T: Meatloaf with curry rice salad
F: honey balsamic chicken with sweet potato
S: cabbage & sausage stew
S: gluten free pasta Mac & hamburger (I call it Mac Madness)

How are your new years resolutions going (or goals) Mine are going good. I worked out 2x’s this wee so far have one more to go and then I already did 3 blog entries this week! Yah me for staying on top of my goals and achieving them! With time I will get better and not so boring with my blogs!! Right now I’m doing what is my best. That’s just getting it down and doing it.


reflection of 2014 resolution!

So if your just starting to follow me last year my new years resolution was to eat right. By eating right to me that was cutting out refined sugars, eating gluten free and adding a paleo diet. I am not 100% paleo and I do eat gluten free foods and am 99.9% off refined sugars. We all know there are refined sugars in almost 99.9% of things. I for the most part make things from scratch. I follow yummy recipes and take a basic recipe and flair it up with my own special ingredient.

Today I’m trying a recipe that I found online it’s called Detox Cauliflower soup. Detox you ask? Well I along with my kids and husband have been eating or indulging in foods that we do not eat. I personally feel the effects on my body. I just feel icky for a lack of a better word.

I found the recipe here Revivelife Clinic. Let’s see how this turns out!

So it turned out. If you can past the first smells. My thoughts where it did smell like a barn yard. I was scared it was going to taste the same way. However thankfully proved me wrong. It has a nice kick of heat I take it the ginger infused that. I did not get a photo of the final however I did take a photo during the making of the soup.

Cauliflower soup

would I make it again? Sure maybe every 3 months or so. Would not be a my 2 to 4 week meal plan as the kids gave it a thumbs down. It would be a quick easy go to meal on a cold winter day! And when your over loaded with meat and just want a little breather then why not!

So I am on a roll. I got 2 blog post finished for this week. I did say 3x’s a week and I also got one at home workout in and that’s the 1st of 3x’s a week. I found a great starter workout If you would like the links they are here and here I’m just starting out my “routine” so these 2 ladies I found to be best that work for what my personal goals will be for 2015!

So my reflection for 2014 I have my diet eating habits accomplished. I’m starting my 2015 on the right foot! Happy Saturday everyone!! See you all in a few days!!

Love for food!

Where my love for food comes into play! Before my two beautiful boys came into my life I always enjoyed being in the kitchen. I’d rush home from work thinking what can I make tonight for dinner. Fridays where the best because I knew I could make something extra fancy and fun and really sit down relax and enjoy the meal that I was about to eat. Lets fast forward a few years from then two children after my love for food is still the same. My love for food has changed to making special meals when the kids are away. I don’t make the fancy meals that I made before my children came into my life as much as I did before as they are more work to cook and less enjoyable when it has to be “quick” with kids. The cook in the house now is both my husband and I. I still do my share of dinner time and yes the meals are still great and homemade


For this recipe you will need:

1 pkg fettuccine
1 cup cut up sun-dried tomatoes
1/2 cup pine nuts
1 jar alfredo sauce
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1/4 cup swiss cheese
2 1/2 cups of snow peas
2 chicken brest cut up onto bite size
flavoured olive oil for dipping bread (optional)
sourdough bread

1. toast pine nuts (set aside)
2. cut up sun-dried tomatoes (set aside)
3. steam snow peas (set aside)
4. grade both cheese (set aside)
5. cook up chicken once chicken is cooked add snow peas, pine nuts, alfredo sauce
6. cook pasta once pasta is cooked add to chicken then add sun-dried tomatoes, stir and toss in cheese
7. serve and enjoy with a nice piece of sourdough bread and a glass of vino!

Here are my photos of the finished look to of the meal

Pasta Dinner
This recipe is for you to enjoy a nice adult dinner for two sun-dried tomato Chicken Pasta

Feel free to post your favorite “Love for Food” recipe!!!